Logiflex Growth Through Innovation

Our adventure began in 1993 with just six employees.
We had to build everything from the ground up, but
even back then, we already knew that our growth would
come through innovation. Our vision, our successes and
the mistakes we made along the way have all driven our
efforts to improve, as evidenced by the automation of our
processes and our flexible furniture designs that can be
adapted to customer needs. Now, 25 years later and with
close to 250 employees, we still believe that innovation
is what gives us an edge over our competitors and lets us
take on the challenges of the market with confidence.
As a well-established company, we bring proven
experience and skills to our projects. But it’s thanks to our
dynamic employees that we have kept the energy, agility
and inventiveness of our early years all this time. After
all, no technology could ever replace a group of people
working together in true synergy, each fully committed to
solving problems with the autonomy they need to feel like
they have a genuine stake in their work.
This is the very essence of Logiflex: innovation and our
people, with the customer always front of mind in order
to better anticipate, meet and exceed every expectation
as we fulfill their office space planning needs.
Velis Armchair 942_PB and Chair 942 and Blossom Table 840_TR1