March 4th 2015


Who’s the real boss of the office? Until recently, it’s always been the furniture. Chairs dictating how we sit. Desks and cabinets, how we work. Then the new bosses started to arrive. And no, they weren’t “same as the old bosses.” Technology started taking over your work space, blocking your views. Forcing you to sit in uncompromising positions. Tangling you up in cables until you felt like you were working in the middle of a giant rubber band ball.


Time to straighten up and streamline. Talk to RFT.

Making peace between contract office furniture and technology is our oxygen. You call. We come in. Partner with you to assess your specific needs, and then create workspace solutions that work on your terms. Rather than the other way around. What allows us to do this is not just our own expertise in this specialized niche, but the kind of products we, as Manufacturer Representatives, carefully choose to take on: stunning, intuitive furniture and tech-oriented accessories so ingeniously designed, it rubs off: You’re working more ingeniously as well.

Wait til you see what we offer. You may very well be dumbfounded.